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Urban operations


Types et qualité
rbUnit's weight
rbFoot unit/Unarmored
rbArmored unit
rbMain Battle Tank
rbElite (Bonus in case of losses)
rbRecruit (Malus in case of losses)
rbCan fire against rb
rbCan fire against rb, rb
rbCan fire against rb, rb, rb
rbCan fire against rb, rb, rb Bonus for critical hits
rbBreach at contact
rbBreach from distance
rbCan't fire from building
Firepower and range (Except night)
Light weapons
Heavy weapons
2Buildings, Smoke, Wrecks
1Outer Walls, Vehicles and buttes
0Clear terrain
−1Water, Sewers (underground or open)
and underground terrains
1 turn : Initial Phase + Impulses + Final phase

Initial phase

  1. Hide revealed blocks Except blocks within 3 EP or less from an enemy block (and in their LOS).
  2. JFO Population movement 1 PM determined by the roll of 1d10.
  3. Check IED/UXO and wrecks (wrecks remain in game after explosion)
    0-3IED/UXO/Wreck explodes
    4-9IED/UXO/Wreck remains in play and must be tested again next turn
  4. Events Each player draws an event card in its own pile. If the title is in red, the card must be played immediatelyo, if the title is black it can be played at the player's will. If there is an event table (Phantom Fury, operation Sinbad) roll 1D10 and check the corresponding table.
  5. 3D actions
    • Canceling or adjusting for T+1 actions. Resolution of actions from the previous turn. (Weapons effect, Fortification : lose 1 less OSL )
    • Request for next turn (no LOS needed, 1 max per block)
      15 EPCDSCDSMortar, Artillery, Smoke, Flare shelling
      20 EPJFOJFOAll actions
      Actions are limited by the scenario : X/Y in column # means can be requested X times per scenario and Y times per turn.
  6. Order of battle reorganization sequence Each side can exchange blocks between impulses
  7. Initiative determination (choice to start or not) See each scenario.


Each side play their impulses (1 impulse played each turn maximum), each player can pass, if both do then start the final phase of the turn (the turn ends).

Number of blocks played per impulse ()

3Platoon leader not on the map (even if the Commander is deployed)
5Platoon leader CDS on the map ( Platoon leader elimination)
7Platoon leader CDS at 6 EP or less from Commander CDU with PC PC deployed on the map

Activation of blocks

  • Movement in MP, see table for precise count.
    TypeOut of enemy LOS (Except night)Move onlyMove+Action
    (Any order)
    Foot9 (except underground)63
    Vehicle18126 (can be splitted)
    Modified by : Barricades(2), Partition(2), Apertures(2), Roofs(2/3), Walls(2/3/5), Water (2).
  • Actions
    1. soutien Support +1 VO (works on yourself) only if adjacent to the other block, activation of the blocks must be consecutive (cannot split move), action for both blocks. Only performed between blocks belonging to the same impulse.
    2. engineer Destroy(2 free MP)/Place on no man's land tokens or barricades from all sides.
    3. Mounting/Unmounting Activate 1 cb/cb + 1 cb. activation of the blocks must be consecutive (cannot split move). Transfer one block to/from the scenario aid card. Capacity : cbccb / rb / rb (cb suffers OSL losses) (soutien Superstructure)
    4. Scout Normal block : 5 EP / Block cbccbccbc : 10 EP. Free on opportunity fire, needs a LOS.
    5. Scatter population Population adjacent to block, 6 MP max from the active block, not in contact of another block (both sides)
    6. cr cn Breach
      cn At contact : Range of 2 EP for the action, the block must move 2 MP before the explosion (free MPs). The block must be in the arc of fire of the breach when placing.
      cr From distance : The block must be at least 2 EP away from the breach and must be in the arc of fire of the breach.
    7. Fire (Firing smoke grenades available for , see JFO for )
    8. Assault no weapons effect for vehicles, assault on building only if <6 EP from except for

Fire (JFO Supporting, JFO Suppressing)

  1. Announce
    • Check LOS and range
    • Withdrawal (2 MP for rb, 4 MP for rb and rb), weapons effect; loss unchanged by unit quality
      0-1−2 OSL
      2-6−1 OSL
      7-9No effect
    • If inadequate weaponry : −2 OSL + weapons effect (+ withdrawal)
    • Cover fire available (By a friendly block at 3 EP max, forbidden during assaults)
  2. Randomness May perform a critical hit (7-9), Total +FP only if highest dice roll, otherwise Bonus only
    1D10WeaponTargetBonusTotal +FP
    0-6+1 FP
    7-8rb+1 FP (added to +1 FP from randomness)+2 FP
    9rbOpponent loses the fight, additional −1 OSL+1 FP
    7-8rbrbrb+2 FP (added to +1 FP from randomness)+3 FP
    7-8rbrb+1 FP (added to +1 FP from randomness)+2 FP
    7-9rbrb rbDestruction, Opponent loses the fight+1 FP
    Destruction, Opponent loses the fight+1 FP
    7-9Sniper (>10 EP)CDS CDUDestruction, Opponent loses the fight+1 FP
    7-8Assault+2 FP (added to +1 FP from randomness)+3 FP
    9AssaultDestruction, Opponent loses the fight+1 FP
  3. Total Firepower strength FP + Bonus + Randomness bonus (Warning : differs from result of randomness roll !)
    Bonus for command chain: +1 FP (< 6 EP from CDS, ), Infrastructure : +1 FP (behind breach/aperture, fortified building, dominant position/roof, sewers) , Opportunity fire : + 2 FP, Operational strength −1 FP (rb).
  4. Result Apply critical hit, equality if both sides have critical "Opponent loses the fight".
    Fire−1 OSL−1 OSL each
    Assault−2 OSL+withdrawal (or destruction)−1 OSL each
  5. Apply weapons effect (mandatory)
    Apply losses except:
    rb6-9Lose one less OSL
    rb0-3Lose one more OSL
    If destruction of opponent : +1 OSL, if rb rb destroyed : wreck; If assault+destruction/withdrawal : gain position (free)

Weapons Effect (activates the block)

Friendly blocks AND population All blocks AND population
Protection given by fortifications (On 3D actions and fire),
Actionrb Around shooterAxis of fire /obstacle +2 EP
rbAround objective (obstacles)
rbrb Light weapons rb −1 OSL on 2 EP radius if undergroundrbrb −1 OSL
rbrb Heavy weapons rb −1 OSLrbrb −1 OSL
rbrb −1 OSL (only if rb)
rbrb −2 OSL
rbrb −1 OSL
rbrb Breach
rbrb Destruction
rbrbrb −1 OSL
(radius of 2 EP)
No man's land
(IED/wrech/AT mine)
rbrbrb −1 OSL
(radius of 2 EP)
3D actionssee card


Once per turn maximum
  1. Withdrawal : Same table as when firing
  2. Opportunity fire (+2 FP), Free scouting, Can hold fire (to avoid exchange of fire)

Final phase

Remove activated, reaction, completed and smoke tokens.

Game setup

  1. Deploy map(s)
  2. Place scenario aid cards
  3. Select Unit cards and support cards
  4. Read the special rules of the scenario
  5. Create event deck
  6. Place main play aid card
  7. Place markers and tokens
  8. Place impulses according to scenario


Revealed by : scouting, contact or weapons effect.
If revealed, check exposion (same as during initial phase), 2 EP radius
Placed/Destroyed by engineer, Impassable, doesn't block fire nor LOS.
Place according to wind direction
Test explosion at the beginning of each turn like IED/UXO, Can't be removed
Blocks LOS (level 2)/Shootings
Impassable, Placed/Destroyed by engineer
2 MP to cross adjacent hexes (1 EP radius, not cumulative)
No hindrance between adjacent zones if placed in a building
No hindrance in building if placed in the street
Placed/Destroyed by engineer (noted on free paper) (JFO Antipersonnel mines)
Triggered only by , removed after being triggered.
0-7Vehicule destroyed (place wreck)+ weapons effect.
8-9Technical problem, nothing happens
engineer and engineer can scout: detection with 2 EP radius while movement, (3 MP limit). If scouted, does not explode.
If revealed, (Wind direction)
−1 OSL if contact with cloud (Population untouched)
Doesn't block shootings nor LOS.
If revealed at contact, moves 3 MP away to get as far as possible, stops if contact with another block, stops if it can't run away
If contact, population moved 3 MP by opponent
Impassable, forbidden to fire intentionally (fire, 3D action) on population
Weapon effects means destruction of the population
Blocks LOS (level 1)/Shootings
Can move through
See breaching action
2 MP to cross breach (Impassable for vehicles in buildings)
Can't be removed
+1 FP if in fortified building
Protects from weapon effect if 0-7 on 1D10
Lose 1 less OSL on 3D action Can't be removed
Place according to wind direction
Available through 3D action or fire from (no weapons effect)
Blocks LOS (level 2)/Shootings
If done by 3D action, −1 OSL rbrbrb
The letter gives the link, destructible by
2 MP to change map
Weapons effect around shooter : −1 OSL (2 EP radius)

3D actions

  • I/U : unavailable (considered not used); T+1 : next turn ; T : this turn.
  • Targeting a building also targets its roof and blocks therein. No weapons effect if block placed next to targeted position and on roof will targeted hex is at street level.
TerrestrialIf CDS or CDS have LOS on targetForbidden
AerialAlways possibleIf CDS or CDShave LOS on target, 10 EP max (possible out of LOS)
If Air defense (does not work on drones) :
  • Result I : unavailable, not counted
  • Résult T : interception, both 3D actions are counted

Night rules

  • Weapons range 3 by 3 EP (not equipped) or 4 by 4 EP (equipped) instead of 5 by 5, except weapons effect and weapons with minimum range that remains 5 by 5.
  • Scouting
    Normal5 EP5 EP3 EP
    cbccbccbc10 EP10 EP5 EP

Contact if

  1. 3 EP or same room as enemy block
  2. At contact of a no man's land token
  3. At contact of a population token (3 MP chosen by oponent)


Hex : means surface + edges; obstacle rb limits weapons effet to 2 EP beyond, reduces blast effect; Can pass through friendly block but 1 block per hex/zone at end;
TypeMP (rbrb)MP (rb)EPlevel
rb Clear1110
rb Hillocks1111
rbrb Woods1113
rb NarrowsX110
rb Water221−1
rb FacadeXX22
rb Outer WallX5
3 (1+2, on top of vehicle/rb)/2 (rb)
Breach in wall221
Door/Window/Breach in facadeX22
rb RoomX11
rb ZoneX1
rb PartitionX+11
rb RoofX2 (rb stairs)/4 (rb roof to roof)
3 (1+2, on top of vehicle/rb)/2 (rb)
1 (stairs)2
rb Barricade (central)XX
rb Barricade (next)22
rb Smoke
rb Toxic−1 OSL−1 OSL


Can fire only on :
  • CDS CDS cbc (cannot return fire)
  • CDS (can return fire)
  • CDS (can return fire if in range)
  • CDS cannot go below CDS

JFO Advanced rules

  • Smoke block Infantry or : range of 3 EP (can pass over obstacle/apertures of buildings)
  • Supporting fire Another block (B) with LOS on target brings +2 FP (both activated ), does not suffer from combat
  • Suppressing fire if against and did not move :
    +1 FP; aléa 7-9 : Enemy loses the fight (replaces usual table for critical hits); If victory, no losses but block reacted
  • Armor cover
    1. Create pair : block on / block hex (0 MP), Activates both blocks for this turn
    2. Activation 6 MP max, Activates both blocks, inactive: / fire or opportunity fire only
    3. Splitting If block destroyed or activation of only one block which leaves the shared hex.
  • with on : −1 OSL after shooting
  • with for : −1 OSL
  • Anti-sniping If fire/opportunity fire of , then friendly can do a cover fire if it has a LOS on shooter and in range (11/20 EP). If friendly not revealed, +2 FP.
  • Embush against vehicle if with on /, if no cover fire : / has 5 FP whatever the range.
  • Superstructure suffers only from heavy weapons and 3D actions;
    If targeted, / suffers only from heavy weapons and 3D actions;
    Movement out of enemy LOS impossible for /
  • Crossing walls If crossing an outer wall without breach, opportunity fire gives : +3 FP (instead of +2 FP), if withdrawal : −1 on the table
  • Changing order of battle : with numbered markers, transfer block from one impulse to the other. Fire and assault actions impossible.
  • Elimination : 3 blocks activated, loss of +1 FP for until the end of the turn.
  • Platoon leader elimination :
    TypeNb of playable blocks1D10 when lost (in his LOS)
    rb30-1−2 OSL2-7−1 OSL8None9+1 OSL
    rb20-2−2 OSL3-8−1 OSL9None
  • can destroy from surface (if destroyed, place a barricade ), if block under the entrance : destruction
  • Antipersonnel mine Equivalent to 2 AT mines. Can be placed in building, scouted like AT mines (but IED/UXO token if scouted). If crossed by , explosion : −2 OSL (−1 OSL on 1 EP radius)
  • Population movement for each block, 1 MP if moved
    0Panic (removed) 1-61 north, 4 south 7 Same place8 "Red" chooses9 "Green" chooses
  • Rubbles Collapsing possible on 3D action. 1D10, if 9, Collapsing : 1D10, Even : block destroyed + barricade, Odd : block destroyed + fortified − breaches
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