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Periodic tables

Why this website

I had to correct a lesson for a French competitive exam about the periodic table and stumbled upon the book of Eric Scerri. At some point, it said that there were 4 inversions of atomic weight in the periodic table. I was able to find three on my own but missed the K/Ar one as they are not adjacent. At that point I decided that it could be interesting to have something actually showing that. I had also seen for quite long the existence of D3.js but never tried. From both things, I tried to create a project that would simultaneously show the peculiar oddities of the periodic table as well as help me to learn to code with D3.js.

One of the especially frustrating thing even with dynamic periodic tables was that while they actually show horizontal trends, vertical trends are usually not treated. I try here to underline column trends as well as other interesting facts around the periodic table.

The main goal of this website is to provide interactive data about the periodic table, trying to show simultaneously individual properties and trends.

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